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Smarter Lineups

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Minutes and Projections from DFS Pros.

NBA Season Pass Features:

  • Professional Commentary via Premium Podcast and Cliff Notes

  • Lineup Construction Advice via Premium Podcast and Cliff Notes

  • Customizable Daily Projections with Site Specific Value Rankings

  • Top Value Players via Premium Podcast

  • DFS Strategy Guides

  • Lineup Alerts

  • Premium Tools and Optimizer Access

  • Live Premium Subscriber Chat

NBA Premium


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Premium Podcast and Cliffnotes

Our analysts don’t just tell you who the good picks are or what they “feel”. Instead we share the research and in depth statistical analysis that goes into our selections. Not only do you gain a sense of who you should play in your Daily lineups, but you also learn the best processes for picking players in DFS. Each day you’ll have access to our NBA Premium Podcast and cliff notes dedicated to that day’s main slate, with timestamped markers to quickly find the information you need.

Our unique analysis takes into consideration factors such as position scarcity and opportunity cost, capturing the specific nuances that each day presents. It’s one thing to know who has a good matchup, but we take it a step further in order to help you construct cash game and GPP rosters that increase your expected value over the long run.

For NBA, our podcasts and written content will cover the main slate for all slates with 5 or more NBA games. Sunday slates and short slates will be supported by projections and alerts.
Customizable Projections and Value Rankings for FanDuel and DraftKings

We’re really excited about this feature. You’ll receive DailyRoto’s projections and rankings each day of the regular season. That’s just the beginning though. Our projections system will both be customizable, allowing you to make edits and instantly see how this affects projections. Our projections will cover all games for all slates.

DFS Oriented Research Tools

We cut down on your research time by organizing the most relevant data in a DFS friendly way to help you quickly make better decisions. We’re proud to announce several new tools this season in this area:

  • Usage/Rebound/Assist Rate Tracker

    – See each player’s usage, rebound, and assist rate for the season and over the last five games. This will help you to easily identify players who may be able to pick up more volume so that you can be ahead of the competition when it comes to spotting trends.

  • Fantasy Production

    – You’ll have access to each player’s site specific Fantasy production viewable in a variety of formats – per game, per 36 minutes, per minute and with the ability to toggle between seasonal production and production over the last 5 games.

  • Global Stats

    – View each player’s performance across each Fantasy relevant statistic. Again, you will be able to filter between season long and last 10 game averages while being able to toggle between per game performance and per 36 minutes performance.

  • Lineup Optimizer

    – Create hundreds of lineups in minutes based on your customizable projections.

  • Stay tuned for even more additions…
DFS Strategy Guides

Strategy Guides are articles throughout the season that give expert insight on an array of macro DFS topics from player valuation methods to roster construction to bankroll management and more!

Lineup Alerts

Up until 15 minutes before rosters lock for the day’s main slate, subscribers will receive alerts that include up to minute analysis of breaking injury, playing time, and commentary on how that news will affect the day’s NBA DFS games. Lineup alerts are both sent as an email and immediately viewable on site.

Live Premium Subscriber Chat

Interact with other DailyRoto premium subscribers. This is a great way to talk through roster construction and strategies on a daily basis with other serious NBA DFS players.